Amy Acuff

Amy Acuff
Amy Acuff  biography obituary Amy Acuff chickipedia Calender fhm.amy acuff is on of the most beautiful athletic who join Olympic.personal life of her is: She born in 14 july 1975.and now high jump specialist.Start her career very young.when she was five start 50,100,200 meter race.

Amy acuff soon interested some other events.the first record of her is 1985 in national long the age of 13 she did 5'.8" high the age of 22

 amy acuff become a universal champion.Winner of the 1998 Hochsprung mit Musik.and becoming a history that a non European get a record.her personal best high jump is 2.1 meter.

Getting popularity in the modeling section.Doing modeling with some famous compay. like playboy fhm maxim.etc.

Amy Acuff biography obituary Amy Acuff chickipedia Calender fhm