Rickshaw Puller in Bangladesh

Rickshaw Puller

is a very common in Bangladesh.Rickshaw pullar plays an important role in the field of Transport.It is the easiest means of Transport in our country.So there is  hardly any place in Bangladesh where a rickshaw puller and a Rickshaw are not foundThere are Greatly seen in every street and land of towns and coties.It has been seen in the last report of the dhaka Municipal corporation that more than 8 lakhs of Richshaws ply in the streets of the Dhaka Metropolitan city
A Rickshaw Puller is mostly a young man.He does not need to undergo must training to carry on his profession.Poor villagers who come in towns for employment generally take this profession.A Rickshaw Puller Gets up early in the morning and goes dowm in the street with a rickshaw to carry passangers from one place to another.

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rickshaw puller in Bangladesh

pulls his rickshaw from morning till night.He leads a very poor and hard life.he lives in a  swampy and slum area,which is unhealthy and unhygienic. As such he and his children often various diseases.He can not afford to buy good food and clothes for himself and his family for wants of money.The money he earns is spent mostly for buying his daily food.thus A Rickshaw Puller  life is fully sorrow.

In Bangladesh A Rickshaw puller suffers greatly when he can't go to work because of illness.At that time, the whole family suffers tremendously. Considering his services to the middle class people who generally go by rickshaw.we should do something to improve A rickshaw puller lot

                                      A life cycle of a Rickshaw puller in Bangladesh